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FAQ - Culture & leisure

Is there a swimming pool or sports hall in Övertorneå municipality?
Yes, there are several pools and sports halls. Swimming and sports halls are located in central Övertorneå, Svanstein and in Hedenäset. In summer, the outdoor swimming pool Ekobadet is open.


If you want to spend time outdoors, what should you do then?
There is a wealth of possibilities, in winter you can drive snowmobiles along the snowmobile trails in the municipality, go skiing on one of the skiing facilities located in the municipality or skating at the ice rink Tornedalium.

In the summer you can play golf, use any of the football and sports venues located within the municipality or why not the skate park or tennis courts.

Throughout the year you can use the exercise and ski tracks which are located in the municipality


Is there a youth recreation center in Övertorneå?
Yes, the youth recreation center Frippes is located in the center of Övertorneå, at Matarengivägen 10. Frippes is a place to go after school and in the evenings. You can play ping-pong, billiards, Xbox 360, watch tv or just hang. On Friday and Saturday afternoons after 6 PM you need to be at least in 7th grade in order to hang out at Frippes. Frippes is also available on facebook. 


What kinds of associations do you have in Övertorneå?
There are several different types of associations available in Övertorneå. The association register can be found on this page (link missing)

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